Wednesday, May 14, 2008


In Kindergarten, that's when all the kids switch up rooms for Reading.

Today, I was feeling adventurous, and energetic, and crazy, and illogical.

So, I did some bedroom switcheroos. Our daughter has had the fortunate opportunity to reside in each one of the three rooms in our home over the course of our time here. More than once. And again.

I was feeling a bit nesty, and thought it would be best for one of the kids to have the "master" bedroom...not sure that She will be the one to will all depend on baby number three. Should baby be a girl, then the girls will get the "big" room. In the event that baby is a boy, then the boys will get the "big" room. And Little Miss will get to travel once more.

My idea came to me last night. When I was left alone to my thoughts. I knew better than to mention it to my husband. He would have told me to wait for his help. And then he would have had to spend his evening taking apart beds and moving dressers and toys and clothes and the like. So, last night, as I was alone in my thoughts, I conjured my game plan. My bed to come apart first, and into my sons room. Then the rug removed. Then all over vacuuming. (That alone made the whole fiasco worth while.) Then her bed apart, and moved. Her rug removed to the new room and a good vacuuming in her old room. Then the dance of the dressers....carefully sliding down the

It only took a few hours, with a break for double cheeseburgers and fries from McDonald's. All that scootching and careful moving made me a hungry gal. Specifically for a greasy double cheeseburger. (Which is no longer appealing.)

When we picked up my gal from school, we whisked her home to the big surprise. She was thrilled! She is a mover and a shaker and LOVES when we rearrange. She gets that from me.

(Please know that I am an expert rearranger and took great care of my body in all the manoeuvring. My hallway floors are a different story....they're going to be needing a little love.)


nonna said...

a girl after my own heart = ] 1437

redeemed diva said...

totally, a girl after my own heart.
I always do the switcheroo when my hubby is gone and he always comes home and says, "Oh, someone was bored and restless today." There's nothing like a little bit of nesting!