Sunday, May 18, 2008

Y'know what stinks?

When you bend over to put on your socks, in preparation for heading out the door to go to church, and your back locks up. And you crumple to the floor. And you can't move.

That really stinks.

My super-hero assisted me to my bed, where I laid for several yucky moments of discomfort. He helped me to stand, and when I was able to conjure up the remnants of my abdominal musculature, I refused to lay back down.

I did the dishes.

I vacuumed.

At a pace 200 times my normal speedy efficiency.

But I did it.

See? Back? I don't need you.

Well. I need you, but I'm not completely reliant on are clearly not as dependable as I once thought you to be. Benedict!

I made my way to the computer chair, and I might be here for sometime. I think we need to consider installing a small refrigerator somewhere within arms reach. I wonder if I could sleep sitting up?

1 comment:

Sally said...

Do you think your back is telling you~NOT TO MOVE THE FURNITURE BY YOURSELF???? I should eat my words- but .... it is inherited trait!! Hope you are feeling better soon!! take care Love Aunti Cook