Saturday, May 10, 2008

use me, Lord

I've been praying that. For awhile. I want God to be able to USE me to do His will. To bring people to Him. To speak His truth. To love those He loves. I really thought I was being sincere. Until...

...well, until He began to try and use me. Wait! Don't use me there! Not with them. I'm not comfortable with that one. Oh! And don't use me there, either. I'm building a 20 foot fence over there, so that won't work for me. Hee hee, ha thanks. Use me, but only use me within these parameters that I have clearly defined. Never use me when I'm uncomfortable.


That's what I was doing. It's what I AM doing. It's SO clear to me. And it is a painful realization. OUCH! I am SO FICKLE. It's grossing me out.

So my new prayer is that God will CHANGE my heart so that He CAN use me. WHEREVER He wants. Even when I'm uncomfortable. Because, as it turns out, I'm uncomfortable nearly everywhere.

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betty r said...

Well said..that fits in so many ways!