Monday, May 19, 2008

You know Who's Awesome?


I'm sure many will not understand this for what it is....

....but today, I was in such agony. My back pain was horrible. I was sure that I would have gone to bed last night, awoken this morning to be a little better than yesterday. That wasn't the case. Not even a little. I felt at least as bad as yesterday.

I went in to see my physician, who checked on the baby, and made sure that I hadn't done any serious damage to my spine. He wrote up papers for me to see PT, but I didn't feel like I was supposed to go that route. But, I had them in case tomorrow or the next day were like progress.

Well, I called this amazing girlfriend to ask for prayer. She has The Gift. She prayed. We talked. I got off the phone still feeling crippled.

I laid down on the floor. And stretched. A little more. And some more. My husband helped me to stand. I felt a little better.

I walked around. Sat some more. Feeling maybe 10% better. Felt lead to give it another go.

More gentle stretching. Less pain.


More stretching. Less pain.

And here I sit. At least 70% better.

Do you know what's funny? Several times today, I tried to do the stretches but had to stop. Because doing so made me involuntarily holler out in pain. "Ughyyyaahhh!!" I couldn't do it. He had to do it. And He did.

Praise be to God! He heals.


redeemed diva said...

Praise Good. jesus is awesome! Love that guy!Praying that you are a full and complete 100% hugs

neeter said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! Praise indeed!

Mrs. MK said...

So grateful for His touch on your life today!

nonna said...

Such good news....God is good and able to see us through every valley. May He hold you close this day too, and may you feel His strength and comfort as you rest in Him. 1437