Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is what lovely tastes like

See these? These are wonderful. Bagel. Plain yogurt. Sea salt. Avocado. Cucumber. Tomato. Pepper Jack and Sharp Cheddar cheese. Delicious.
I brought some to my husband for lunch today...even threw in a few slices of salami, just for him. Thoughtful? Doting? Yes. Yes, indeed. It's just who I am. *snicker*
But you know where I went wrong? See that teensy sliver of green? That lovely smooth green? He saw it and thought I was trying to poison him. With avocado. Big baby.




I love these shots of delicious food.

Warm regards,


poppa said...

he needs to branch out! Strommie get away from the trunk. It has been only a couple of months since I was convinced to try the gunk. with the right combination it is really quite delicious. man up

redeemed diva said...

I am soooo hungry now. Pregnancy cravings continue!
For the record, my hubby thinks avocado is a form of poison as well